Clear Sky… Almost

Every Singaporean I know is pissed off. Correction. Not only Singaporeans, but foreigners who are here are pissed as well. With Sumatra for their unethical practice of slashing and burning. What made matters worse was when the Indonesian minister said Singapore is “behaving like a small child” over haze. F. U.

This is the worst hit ever; Singapore haze hits hazardous levels… 401! Anyway, I’m not here to rant, though I have. I want to share how happy I am to see the clear sky… Well almost.

Clear Sky... Almost 1

The clear sky means that my girls have to perform at the Outdoor Theaters in Esplanade. They were invited to showcase their talents after clinching a Distinction in the recent Singapore Youth Festival.

Clear Sky... Almost 3

Angklung & Kulintang Ensemble. These instruments originate from Indonesia.

If you want to visit Singapore, I think it’s best to avoid June. Besides the haze, it’s the school holidays and all the attractions are flooded with kids. For more information, you can visit Wikitravel.

Clear Sky... Almost 2

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