Durian Pancake from Four Seasons Durians

Who wants to be a Drama Queen when you can be the other ‘D’ Queen – DURIAN QUEEN. As much as I’m trying not to sound narcissistic, I have to admit that I’m a soi-disant Durian Queen. To prove my worthiness of the title:

  1. Buying durians when I chance upon them
  2. The last to leave durian buffet (this is how you maximise every cent)
  3. Hog relative’s farm the whole afternoon eating durians (and rambutans) in Penang

There are times when I hate myself for not buying the whole fruits; say, I have to be in a public transport, or while waiting for a movie to start, etc. How to handle this problem? Simple. Find the little joy in life. I’d buy the Durian Pancake from Four Seasons Durians.

Durian Pancake 1

The best thing about their Durian Pancakes is that they are prepared on-the-spot. After the pancake has hardened just a little bit, a generous scoop of icy cold D24 Durian flesh is perfectly placed in the centre.

Durian Pancake 2

Durian Pancake 3

Durian Pancake 4

The blend of warm and cold is beyond words. It’s like East meets West, or Laila meets Majnun, or Samson meets Delilah. They’re just meant to be together, and in my mouth.

Durian Pancake 5

Give it a try, you won’t regret it. The icy cold D24 durians wrapped with love by the pancake is really, really good. My verdict:


Can’t get enough of durians? Try the milkshake! Read blog here.

Check out their official website: Durian Pancake

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