50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic at ArtScience Museum

After visiting Essential Eames, I went to 50 Greatest Photographs. Thankfully the Educators’ Event ticket covers both exhibitions (I wish it covers Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb too).

50 Greatest Photographs 1

Beautiful stories, movies, places, and people, etc. which move me can bring me to tears. I can be overwhelmed by emotions like that. Visiting both exhibitions today made me truly happy as both showcase photographs of the two countries I’m visiting this November and next February (let’s keep it a secret for now). Colleague said it’s the law of attraction and that God wants me to be here. Fair enough.

50 Greatest Photographs 2

I was so happy and excited that I began twirling around in the museum. Inappropriate, but I couldn’t contain the excitement. Hey, at least I didn’t scream. Towards the end, after reading the story behind some photographs, I teared. The stories moved me. I wasn’t really drowning in tears but I could feel my heart melting inside… It was a really moving exhibition, I can’t emphasise that more. This proves that the photographers really did justice to their subjects; every picture was captured perfectly. 

Here are some of my favourites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This part of the exhibition is the best. Drying my tears, I picked up the marker to join the rest.

50 Greatest Photographs 57

What a great collaborative work! I wonder where would all these ribbons end up though.

50 Greatest Photographs 58

I realised that the ribbons signifies the colours of the globe – the sea, and land.

50 Greatest Photographs 59

Mine sits right in between the Chinese and Arabic characters ;) By the way, it’s not easy to find an empty spot.

50 Greatest Photographs 60

Circling the globe, I was enchanted and moved by the contributions, but this horizontal one definitely catches my eye (the position helps I guess) and it’s undeniably my favourite.

50 Greatest Photographs 61

That’s the end of my day. I would do it all over again.

50 Greatest Photographs 62

Exhibition: 17 August – October 2013

Find out more from the official website of read the press release.

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