Looking at this pretty photo on one of my favourite blogs reminded me of a disgusting encounter with a huge bee in the office. I was shocked by its size!

bee 1

Panicked, I sprayed insect repellent.
Didn’t realise it got my table THAT wet.

bee 2

You see, I’m pretty much clean person, I clean my stuff often, so I don’t know how the hell this little hairy thing got to my table. After telling a colleague about the possibility of it being alive, (just frozen because of the bloody cold aircon), she confidently said it’s dead. While she offered to remove the bee, I insisted on removing it myself, right after I snap a picture or two. After prodding the insect a few times and confirming that it was stationary enough to be dead, I snapped these pictures. Lovely details on its wings!

bee 3

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