Painter’s Block

We are all familiar with Writer’s Block, but today, I discovered Painter’s Block. It has occurred to me every now and then, but I thought it’s just me. Today, My colleagues and I were supposed to be doing speed painting before a meeting (7.45am, mind you). We were all good and ready to go, with aprons draping us, brushes and paint in hand, but… we froze. All four us. We stared at the blank canvas, unsure how to begin.

We froze for quite a while. We looked at each other. Then… We laughed it off. One began splashing paint, and then the rest followed suit.

Painters Block 1

“Don’t think to much, just do it!”

Painters Block 2

The inspiration is clearly Jackson Pollock.

Painters Block 3

This will be on display next week, in our first teachers’ exhibition, yay!

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