Dining in the Dark

Got the chance to visit Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) to enjoy one of their programmes – Dining in the Dark.

It is indeed a unique experience! Before the session begins, one of the servers briefed us on the position of our utensils. Some of my us wore ponchos to protect ourselves from any spills. I didn’t, thinking that it would serve as a reminder to be careful with the food and drinks. Seconds before entering the room, I thought of how clumsy I am with food; and it might be worse without my eyes! Also, even if I don’t spill anything, the ones next to me, might. So I hurriedly put on the poncho.

We were told to stand in threes before a server brought us to a pitch-dark room. While waiting, we tried to make sense of the place; we felt the table, utensils, the wall behind us, figured who are the ones sitting with us, etc. We talked and discussed the experience thus far. We realised how our other four senses heightened. Everyone laughed when I said, “I love the sound of the bells from her ankle, I know food is coming!”

What’s on the menu:

  • Plain water and Fruit Punch
  • Garlic Bread with Mushroom Soup
  • Chicken Chop with Mashed Potatoes and Coleslaw
  • Ice Cream (Chocolate and Strawberry)
  • Coffee or Tea

We had to pour the drinks ourselves. Some of us had to pass food to the ones next to us. This is my server, Swee Kuen. Her eyesight deteriorated and now she is visually impaired. We hugged before saying goodbye.

The sweet Swee Kuen ;)

The sweet Swee Kuen ;)

When the lights were switched on, we can finally see the room, and those who are sitting on the same table.

When the lights were switched on, we can finally see the room, and those who are sitting on the same table.

Muslims and vegetarians, you can dine here. They serve Halal food; vegetarians should inform SAVH in advance. (Even if you forget, there’s something for you, don’t worry!)

For more information, visit SAVH’s website here.

I love the place, not only did I learn what they are doing for the visually impaired, I get to eat good food too!


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