Snowy’s Shocked Expression

I might be biased. Might. Well, you know what they say about Mummy’s boy or Daddy’s girl! Snowy is definitely a Mummy’s boy. I love him to bits! Is it just me or are his shocked expressions are funny?!

Snowy's Shocked Expression 1

Oh… And have a closer look at the green ring in his eyes! And those lovely hairy ears haha! Anyway… Pet owners, do you find peace when looking at your babies? Sometimes, I do nothing but spend the time watching them. Tonight, I watched Snowy till he fell asleep. Spotted his eyes crossing like crazy! My eyes are like that too when I’m really, really sleepy but force myself to stay awake.

Snowy's Shocked Expression 2

By the way, someone’s going through PMS:

Snowy's Shocked Expression 3

Tuffy is so naughty! She hissed at me! After a while, she’s okay though. I scratched and kissed her. Wish she doesn’t have mood swings often! In case you’re wondering, Tuffy does’t mix well with the others, and she loves that spot. Here’s another picture of her in that awkward position!

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