5 hours in Singapore

Recently I posted 6 hours in Singapore, after exploring my tiny island. Today, I spent 5 hours with someone from Couchsurfing. (I love Couchsurfing by the way, it’s one of the best things which happened to me!) We did not go to Chinatown as Claire’s hostel is smacked right in the heart of it, so we gave it a miss. Today, we explored the area where the Indians/Hindus and Malays/Muslims communities are, and Singapore’s skyline.

This trip will take you though three MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) lines across the central part of Singapore – Farrer Park (NE8), Bugis (EW12), and Bayfront (CE1).

Singapore Map

Click to view a larger version, (credit to the site as well).

Farrer Park (NE8) [Purple line]

You can also stop in Little India, but Farrer Park station is more convenient. During the weekend, the area is flooded with foreign workers from India and Bangladesh. If you’re a lady, you’d have eyes on you, even if you dress decently. With the influx of foreigners, it doesn’t feel like Singapore, but you’ll get used to it. Look out for vernacular shophouses like this:

5hrs in Sg 1

You can also spot some restored ones like this. Have a break, have a cup of tea. If you’re into trying something new, hands down, the tea with masala (spices) is a winner! (This is the same tea in  6 hours in Singapore.)

6 hours in Singapore 6

If you’re hungry, head to my favourite stall – Usman Restaurant and try their naan! You can read all about it here. Before making your way to the MRT station to go to Bugis, do not miss Tekka Market. Spend some time on the second floor as it is full of stalls selling colorful traditional Indian costumes, bangles, accessories, etc. Here is where you flaunt your bargaining skills.

5hrs in Sg 2

Love the colourful display!

Love the colourful display!

Bangles, more bangles!

Bangles, more bangles!

Bugis (EW12) [Green line]

After immersing yourself in the Indian culture and Hindu (if you visit the temple), make your way to Arab Street. Back then, Arab traders settled in this area, so did the Malays. The Malay Heritage Centre is great for those who want to learn more about the Malay-Muslim community in Singapore. Also, don’t forget to snap pictures of one of our national monuments – Sultan Mosque. I brought Claire to Nabins, as she wanted to try the Singapore Sling.

5hrs in Sg 5 5hrs in Sg 6

Hailed as Singapore’s very own Gotham City, Parkview Square is worth visiting. Psssst did you know that we have our own superhero? His name is Batman Bin Suparman. No kidding! Google him!

5hrs in Sg 7

I have no idea what those American presidents are doing there.

5hrs in Sg 8

Bayfront (CE1) [Yellow line]

The last stop for the day is Bayfront station. Because it was Mid-Autumn Festival, Gardens by the Bay was having a lanterns exhibition.

5hrs in Sg 19

Lanterns illustrating the Chinese culture.

Lanterns illustrating the Chinese culture.

Multi-racial indeed. Malay culture.

Multi-racial indeed. Malay culture.

"Lanterns to represent the Indian community."

“Lanterns to represent the Indian community.”

5hrs in Sg 15

My favourite colour ;)

My favourite colour ;)

Love these Chinese opera masks!

Love these Chinese opera masks!

5hrs in Sg 12

Bridge was lined with lights!

Bridge was lined with lights!

Like Avatar, eh?

Like Avatar, eh?

5hrs in Sg 9

5hrs in Sg 20

The insides of MBS

We were on the roof of The Shoppes at MBS!

We were on the roof of The Shoppes at MBS!

After Gardens by the Bay, stroll along the river while taking pictures of Singapore’s skyline, check out my photo walk. Since it’s pretty quiet on a weekday night, you can afford to hang out with your friends, like Claire and I did. Though our legs are begging for mercy, we had fun walking almost non-stop for five hours.


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