Rihanna in 2013 Singapore Grand Prix

Congratulations to the winners but this post has got nothing to do with those cars. Okay, maybe just a tad. Or not at all!

I was the happiest person alive because….. I WENT TO RIHANNA’S CONCERT!!!!! I’m one of her biggest fans and it has always been a dream to watch her perform live. Before my very eyes. Yes, yes, I know, her vocal range is limited, in the beginning of her career, her live performances were terrible, and some of her songs are nothing but shallow and sexual, etc. but you can’t deny that her showmanship has improved tremendously!

The best thing about tonight’s show was that she performed some songs you never thought she would! I have never come across these songs in any of her set lists! I watch her concert on YouTube often, and my favourite is Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend. Anyway, the unexpected songs were Lights and Hate That I Love You. I wish she sang Princess of China and Live Your Life and others too. I should quit talking (or typing) and present you with my photo journey!

Love my new rings! These fat fingers were so happy to have them on. There were so many rings that I wanted to buy, but ended up with just these. Yup, you got it right, Rihanna was the inspiration.

Singapore Grand Prix 1

Gotta be comfy during an outdoor concert, so there you go, say hi to my companion, Chucks.

Singapore Grand Prix 2 Singapore Grand Prix 3

As soon as the race ended, while the fireworks were busy painting the sky, the stage slowly comes to life.

Singapore Grand Prix 4


Singapore Grand Prix 5 Singapore Grand Prix 6 Singapore Grand Prix 7 Singapore Grand Prix 8 Singapore Grand Prix 9

We found love! All of us went crazy, jumping and screaming to this song. Other songs too…but this is THE shit!

Singapore Grand Prix 10

Awesome, just awesome!

Singapore Grand Prix 11

Second last song – Stay.

Singapore Grand Prix 12

Well, she ended the concert on a high note! (On a raised platform…which was quite high too hahaha)

Singapore Grand Prix 13

Rihanna, you’re the reason no one abides by Singapore’s strict law tonight, we’re unapologetic like you like that!

Singapore Grand Prix 14

To watch her perform, head on to my Instagram. Short and brief videos there. Enjoy!

Bring her again next year! I’m gonna give this concert 9 stars. Not 10. Why? Because she should perform longer!


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