Fairy of Irresistible Glamour

While waiting for my partner to be examined by different doctors/nurses, I stood there doing this. Lucky for me (and him), there weren’t many people around. Surprising, usually there are millions! Him? Fractured his toe, during soccer. I don’t know if there are three hairline cracks, or his toe is in three pieces. He doesn’t know either. Yup! Men. What’s new.

Fairy of Irresistible Glamour

My brains seemed to have selective shutdown phases. I couldn’t think of a title to name this piece, so I posted on Instagram, asking for opinions, and a funny guy replied. When I read those words, I went NOOOOOOOOOOO, WHAT THE HELL. After a while, the phrase kinda sinks in. Voila! Fairy of Irresistible Glamour it is!

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