Lost in Transition

The title of this post could be The WORST Donuts, or KLIA Sucks, or Unfriendly Customer Service Officer, or Dirty Airline, but let’s start on a positive note, shall we? KLIA Sucks would be perfect though.

Inevitably, flying with Malaysian Airlines means there’s a transit in Kuala Lumpur. After an hour of flight, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Impressive airport, though nothing beats Singapore’s Changi Airport. We were told we had to go to the Departure Level. All the passengers collected their luggage and bags from the belt, except for a group of Japanese men and us. Little did we know, our bags will be flown directly to India. Time wasted – at least 30 minutes. It felt like forever. Maybe an hour. I don’t know. I asked around, even their staff weren’t sure. Thankfully, someone knew.

My friend Irfa and I were hungry, so we decided to get donuts. They looked so good!

Dunkin' Donuts, Arrival Level, KLIA

Dunkin’ Donuts, Arrival Level, KLIA

But tasted so bad. The donuts were cold and hard. Throw them at a dog and it would die instantaneously. The chocolate ones were alright but the rest tasted like sugar. Super sweet sugar. The strawberry tasted like sugar. The icing tasted like sugar. They were just too sweet. It’s like eating sugar, not donuts! No wonder at 4pm, the display was still full. Seems like no one bought any! We were so disappointed. Hungry and disappointed.

stars-1One star is all Dunkin’ Donuts deserve. Did I mention there were no seats in the airport? We sat on the floor. Sure, there were stares, but it’s not like there are signs prohibiting us from sitting on the floor. Also, there were no bins around for us to dispose those terrible donuts. So, we went to the toilet. The whole box took up the entire space of the bin. What’s with the pathetic bin size?

So, we were supposed to go to level five. The lift has only two floors! One and two! I approached the Customer Service Officer, “Excuse me ma’am, how do we get to level 5?” She replied without a smile, “This is level 5”. But…we pressed “2” in the lift!

We had to take the Aerotrain to another terminal. Enjoy the ride!

KLIA could have been better. Nonetheless, we were so excited to get on that flight to Indiaaaaa!


Psst! You know you’re on the way to India when there are basmati rice stuck everywhere! I expected better than this, Malaysian Airlines!


India, here we come! Later y’all!

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