Why I love Delhi Metro

Despite my previous post My Problems with Delhi MetroI enjoyed the ride. There are two sides to every story right?

Delhi Metro 1

#1 – Tight Security

Every passenger has to pass through a metal detector and belongings have to pass through the X-ray baggage inspection system. I took pictures of the whole process, thinking of sharing it with the world, but I was told to delete them. One of their officers slapped me at the back and said in a stern voice, “NO PICTURE!”


#2 – Clean (not green though)

Almost like Singapore’s MRT stations, the Delhi Metro stations are clean. Maybe they should plant some flowers…(ahh…just like Singapore, clean and green). They deserve a pat on the back for keeping the place clean! Exit the stations, you’ll experience a totally different world.

Delhi Metro

#3 – Route Map in English

Wonderful! Signs are traveller-friendly! Here’s a suggestion – indicate a “YOU ARE HERE” on the map.


#4 – Selfless Citizens

There are designated seats for senior citizens and the differently-abled. Similar to Singapore, though instead of just two, our reserved seats are for people from these four categories – the elderly, pregnant, disabled, and those with toddlers. In Delhi, I witnessed nothing but selfless citizens, well at least in the metro. I witnessed men giving up seats to women and the elderly. A man offered to hold someone else’s child in his arms/laps. If the whole row is meant for 10 people, they will make room for at least five more. Even if their bums are on the edge of the seat, it is alright. All that matters is that they get to sit.


#5 – Power Socket

Halfway into the journey, a man walked into our direction, reached out his hand right above our heads. Seconds later, there was a wire in between us. He was charging his mobile phone! Apparently, there are power sockets in the train!!!

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