Gurgaon Road at Night

Gosh. I just realised that I visited an extra state! I thought Gurgaon is in Delhi but nooo! Gurgaon is in Haryana, south-west of New Delhi! No wonder the train ride to Chandni Chowk took a while, it all makes sense now!

Gurgaon is a developed place with multinational corporations setting up offices in the city, hence her nickname – Millennium City. The rapid urbanisation translates to income inequality which results to increasing crime rates and lack of proper infrastructure. Cruising down the roads, I saw bright buildings fringing the streets, and companies such as American Express and Google. I also saw a lot of poor citizens wandering around, pitch-black streets, the poor cluttered in small houses, unfinished roads, etc.

Gurgaon Haryana India

This was our second night actually, but because we arrived late the night before (almost midnight!), that didn’t count! Our first auto rickshaw ride on the first night in India. Pretty intense, I must say. See it for yourself!

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