First Couchsurfing Experience!

Couchsurfing is the best way to meet travellers. Prior to this trip, I’ve been meeting Couchsurfers, bringing them around Singapore or just meeting them for drinks. Unfortunately, I can’t host them as I’m still living with my parents (a norm for Singaporeans, read about our housing system!) so I can’t have travellers crashing my place. Check out my profile here.

Since this is a backpacking trip, I decided to find a host, and I met Shailja, a very sweet lady! She lives in Gurgaon and we had the pleasure of staying over at her place. As mentioned in a previous post, we went round and round Gurgaon before reaching her place. We arrived close to midnight, sleepy, exhausted and crazy thirsty! It was winter, the air was cold and dry…urgh!

To my surprise, Shailja had a room for us, with attached bathroom! I was expecting to sleep on the couch, or in a room on the floor or something. Shailja’s sister slept with her daughter so that we can have the room to ourselves. That’s my friend making her way to the bed from the bathroom.

First Couchsurfing Experience 1

The next morning, we got up pretty early, and this is the amazing view from our room! It was dusty…seconds after opening the windows, I had to shut them!

First Couchsurfing Experience 2

We were treated like princesses (cool bed sheet, I know!), breakfast in bed!

First Couchsurfing Experience 3

Since we arrived late last night, we only get to see them the next day. While Shailja sends her eldest to school, we spent time with Aihran! Look at his lovely eyes! He’s gonna be a heartbreaker for sure!

First Couchsurfing Experience 4

A smart boy, Aihran is articulate and his diction is clear! Here, he plays with his toys while the helper feeds him breakfast. Boys will be boys…it’s always toys over books huh.

First Couchsurfing Experience 5

My friend drew whatever Aihran wanted, from animals to vehicles. This boy has quite an extensive range of vocabulary! It was fun and funny! Let me ask Shailja if she’s okay with me uploading videos on Youtube; will post them once I get approval ;)

Shailja came back and we had breakfast together. Her helper prepared an Indian-style fried noodles! Lovely for sure! I have never tasted anything close to that! Shailja helped us with the booking of some trains and buses. In another post, I will delve into this. In the meantime, Aihran got busy with my camera…

Shailja offered to drop my friend and I at the metro station after sending Aihran to school.

First Couchsurfing Experience 8

I learnt about the education system, the school Aihran is in, etc.

I stayed with Shailja for two nights only, we didn’t spend a lot of time together as we were out the whole day and Shailja had her own stuff to do but we got survival tips from her, like how to book trains and buses, which taxis to take and avoid, how to read the train tickets, etc. Other than her daughter pulling a prank on me (flushed my toothbrush), crashing Shailja’s place was perfect!

It was hard to leave. We wished we had more time to spend with Shailja and family! I forgot to take a picture with Shailja, but I have one with her kids Anhiti and Aihran!

First Couchsurfing Experience 10

4 thoughts on “First Couchsurfing Experience!

  1. This is a beautiful post Lela. Thanks for sharing your first surfing experience.
    It looks like you, Shailja and Aihran had a fabulous time.
    We understand that in some places like Singapore it can be more difficult to host than in others. You may want to try going to a local Couchsurfing event to meet other Couchsurfers!


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