From Sekupang to Blakang Padang

So the journey begins…

Not knowing what to expect as no research was done, I came with no expectations. Of course I have an idea of the village life in Southeast Asia.

As soon as we got out of Sekupang Ferry Terminal, we took a right turn and walked to the jetty, which is about five minutes away. Curious eyes studied us from top to toe, and drivers asked, “Taxi?”

Truth be told, the only thing I dislike about travelling is the moment you step out of the airport or terminal. It can be a unique experience but I don’t like the hassle of dealing with touts.

While walking through the carpark, I breathed in Sekupang’s air. Mistake. Why did you do that in the carpark, you mororn! The air was dusty, a mix of cigarettes and exhaust gas. Yuck! Roads are uneven, and contain pockets of holes guarded with sand on both sides, at times mud. Ahh… Typical Southeast Asia. 

From Sekupang to Blakang Padang 1

Boat Ride Fare (One-way)

Per person: IDR16,000 ($1.70)

Charter: IDR160,000 (minimum: 4pax, maximum: 12 pax)

The boats reminds me of the ones in Phuket! They are basic, mainly made of wood, with a canvas attached to a thin metal rod overhead to protect us from rain or splashes from the sea.

From Sekupang to Blakang Padang 2

After 15 minutes, we arrived in Blakang Padang. Keeping my balance while climbing out of the boat, I smelled the air. Ahhh. Fresher! All praise be to Mother Nature! A white signage stood out like a sore thumb. As mentioned earlier, we share the same language so I could understand what was written on it. I was surprised to see ‘Pulau Penawar Rindu’ which is another name for the island. It means ‘remedy for longing hearts’… So… If you’re missing someone, this island might be the remedy. Hmm…

From Sekupang to Blakang Padang 3

Walking along the jetty, I looked left and right and all I could see was muddy brown shore… The tide was low, unveiling an almost cringe-worthy sight. Fahez, my friend refers to this as ‘A woman without makeup’. Mother Nature? Are you there?

From Sekupang to Blakang Padang 4

Look at those colours! Hmm… Blakang Padang may not be so backward. I kept my gaze on the surroundings, taking it all in.

From Sekupang to Blakang Padang 5

I can’t wait to see what’s beyond this jetty!

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