Lela loves art. All kinds of art. Drawing, painting, dancing, singing, photography, you name it. She loves travelling and hopes to cover as much countries as possible, immersing herself in the culture. Her other love is nature; she’s a tree hugger and she hugs animals…well most of the 4-legged ones. She’d stop in the middle of the road to take pictures of flowers or the sky or to cuddle stray cats. She thinks sunsets and stargazing are best done alone, but doesn’t mind company. Oh and she doodles anywhere and everywhere (like banana skin or her sister’s toes) despite having 9474089237 sketchbooks, drawing blocks and canvases.

Feeling nosey? Read on.

I grew up with amazing parents who love art and nature and place emphasis on education. Mom brought me to fun art competitions a lot. Dad taught me how to draw my favourite cartoon characters (though I often ended up watching in awe, not drawing anything). I spent a lot of time observing him doing craftworks like 3D models, trimming his bonsai and arranging the corals and plants in the fishtank. We spent afternoons at the garden (plot of land, rather) taking the rabbits out for a hop. Daddy is an animal-lover. We had a cat, hen, rabbits, fishes, terrapins, hamsters, birds, and little frogs (our Arowana’s food). Maybe that’s why I’m always inspired by nature.

I was the top Art student in secondary school for three years consecutively. The passion is still here! An Art enthusiast, I love doing creative works. One of my drawings was published in a children’s coloring book. My sketchbooks are catalogued in Brooklyn Art Library. I enjoy joining various international art projects. Currently, I’m looking forward to volunteer at places where I can share my expertise in the arts and love for animals. I spend my free time drawing, sketching, designing, painting, reading, writing and scrapbooking on top of many other things. A nature and animal lover, I have

My People

Those willing to persevere through my craziest and wildest demeanors, are patient while I’m in a bookstore, would spend hours with me at museums, stroll lazily along the yucky shore, honestly absorb my Grandmother stories, able to withstand my snapshot sessions, entertaining my cravings for food, sincerely spend the whole day at the Zoo and….. Okay, let’s not scare you ;) Oh wait, any potential travelling buddies?

The Beliefs

Life is about fulfillment. I believe relationships center around the 3 ‘A’s- Accepting, Adapting and Accommodating. We should spend time by ourselves and with ourselves. A lot of people don’t find fulfillment in life because they are so busy pleasing others but themselves. I have a range of interests and I’m living this life fulfilling them one by one. We should live life with satisfaction fulfillment and not regrets ;)

If you can’t handle mental diarrhoea and -at times- cynical thoughts, unfollow. I’m opinionated, obstinate and a non-conformist.

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14 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful blog with a heart and a vision for beauty and inspiration. Art helped me go through difficult times as a child. Now I see Art as a living, continuous element all over me. And it feels great even humbling. Enjoy life to the fullest. Stay blessed.


  2. Hello Lela: Sherri-Ellen from The Purrfect Pad here!!! Sounds like you love animals as much as I do!!! Welcome to our humble little blog with the Birman/Siamese who has a BIG attitude!!! Hope we will see lots of you there!!!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.


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