First Impression of Blakang Padang

First Impression of Blakang Padang

As soon as we left the jetty, we were welcome with curious eyes and friendly rickshaw drivers offering their services, “Becak?” Unlike some other parts of Asia, the locals here don’t hassle you. A smile and a polite ‘no’ would suffice. How lovely! I was eager to see the island. I wanted to know what’s…

From Sekupang to Blakang Padang

So the journey begins… Not knowing what to expect as no research was done, I came with no expectations. Of course I have an idea of the village life in Southeast Asia. As soon as we got out of Sekupang Ferry Terminal, we took a right turn and walked to the jetty, which is about…


Pretty rusty. I didn’t draw much this year. I tried… Every time I put my stuff on the table… I just can’t. I can’t even flip my sketchbook open. What a year. I need to get back on track.


I started this early this year (or possibly late last year) but couldn’t finish it as the marker dried up and I couldn’t find anything close to it. Oh well. This is messy.


What I love about Indonesia is their warung (cafe/restaurant). It’s not just about the delicious savoury food. It’s the cosy ambience, the friendly locals, the way the dishes are stacked nicely, waiting for us to pick and eat them.

Blakang Padang

The Island: My best friend Fahez gave me an opportunity to experience village life in Blakang Padang (Field Behind), also known as Pulau Penawar Rindu (Island of Remedy for Longing Hearts), a small island 15 minutes away from Batam by boat. This little island of Indonesia houses not more than 20,000 people, sits no malls, supermarkets,…

Resistance (Part 2)

You find reasons, To feed your resistance. You find reasons, To secure acceptance. You skip happily, Leaving me on the fence. You breathe easily, Choking me in penance. Clarifying my questions, You left me in despair. Messing with my emotions, You really think that’s fair? I feel left astray, I should glide and stride. I…