It’s easy to look for me in the World Wide Web.

Google ‘Bonchjela’.

Let’s save you the trouble.

[This is where I make friends from around the world! If you’re a traveller, this site won’t disappoint you! Look for places to crash or people to hang out with.  Let me know if you’re in the neck of my woods, we could go for a drink or two, or walk around parks, or eat the best naan or Nasi Rawon in Singapore!]

Doodlers Anonymous
[I’m here to see what are other people doing.]

[I hope to sell artworks soon. Really soon.]

[Who doesn’t own one? For me to stay in touch with family and friends.]

[“Busy” is overrated, but I really am this year. I promise I’ll go back to my reading pace in 2014!]

[My visual diary.]

[Like Tumblr, this is a site for me to share my visuals. It’s my online corkboard.]

The Sketchbook Project
[Come join me and thousands of others in art projects!]

[Sharing  visuals by others or myself. Oh, there are texts too, on rare occasions.]

[Uncensored and unfiltered thoughts. If you can’t handle mental diarrhoea and -at times- cynical thoughts, unfollow. I’m opinionated, obstinate and a non-conformist.]

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