I’m not one of those who learn Photography through Youtube or magazines, nor am I an accidental photographer. I’m a Communications and Media student. Inevitably, Photography is one of the many modules I did in school. Undeniably, it is my favourite!

Looking back at the mountainous piles of photo albums, I realised that I love being in front of the camera. Mum and Granny told me stories of how I’d pose endlessly for shots in a scene. When I was young, Dad bought disposable cameras. I remember having fond memories of getting the films developed. In the early years of my adolescence, my BFFs and I love taking pictures of ourselves, a mini-makeover. After a semester of photography, my interest shifted; from being in front of the camera, to behind.

A nature-lover, I fancy taking pictures of plants and animals. The sky is something I’m obsessed with. Blue being my favourite colour, I can’t help but take pictures of the sky and clouds. People are also one of my favourite subjects. I like to capture priceless emotions. I got the opportunity to take pictures for a pre-wedding photoshoot too. After my Barcelona trip, I developed a love for windows and doors on top of my existing passion for architecture.

Not having a camera in my bag is a deadly sin.

These are my posts tagged photography.

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