Wedding Guestbooks

I find joy in preparing and designing guestbooks. Let me know what you have in mind and allow me to do the magic!

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“The guestbook has everything I’ve imagine it to be..something sweet and delicate, simple yet very detailed.. Every page is customized and has its own unique and appealing designs at its best..!” – Elisa A.

“Perfect! Not only that it has met my expectations, it was much more better than I had hoped for. Lela impressed me with her creativity and the attention she paid to the little details on EVERY page. I put my total trust in her and I am so happy I did.” – Shima H.

“Right from the beginning I knew I chose the right hands to work on my guestbook… Just simple instructions I gave, “Theme: Fairytale. Colour: Lavender” Indeed the final product exceeds my expectations… Impressive, more than just a dream come true… Lovely and awesome!!! Thank you Princess Lela!!!” – Farhaanah A.

“The guest book that Lela was really beautiful, what I loved was that every page was a different suprise. Whoever I showed it to just had to spend some time flipping through every page, they couldn’t help it. I almost couldn’t bear to use it for my wedding, what if the guests did not have nice hand writing?! Thank you Lela for the great work, for making such a unique and special guest book that we will keep and treasure.” – Stella Liu

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