Red Rose

Gave this book to my colleague’s daughter on her birthday. She loves reading and writing (I think) and cats! So I got her this book. Little did I know that like me, she loves drawing. A few weeks ago, she came over. My colleague told her to sit next to me. Colleague, “Look, Lela. The…

Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline from Gardens by The Bay. Best friend brought me here. We talked about the usual stuff – life, relationship, future, technology, politics, religion, etc.

Pretty Rusty

For months, I couldn’t flip any of my sketchbooks open, let alone lift a pencil or sketchpen. I found out why, weeks ago. Yesterday, I did this unknowingly on someone else’s notepad. Pretty rusty.


Meet Cotton Ball

Ahhh. Found a name for this cutie! Cotton Ball! One more shall be Cotton Bud. They look the same but I could tell the difference. Cotton Bud doesn’t come hear me, it will run away after hissing! Sheesh. Calm down, crazy!