i explore. i experiment. i experience.

The above is my life’s motto!

“Just Travel Lah” is something I say pretty often to people when they share their jaded stories about working and living in hectic Singapore. “Lah” is an interjection, borrowed from the Malay and Chinese language. Singlish (Singapore English) involves a lot of stealing, hee! Not an advocate of Singlish but it rhymes gently with “Lela Bonchjela”. So that’s my blog’s tagline.

I’ve been penning diary entries since young and still do everyday! I enjoy documenting what’s happening around me and bits and pieces of my life, in case an author wants to write a biography, hahaha! Okay, jokes aside…

At its conception, this blog was intended to be a travelogue, where treasure and tales unfold, but the chatterbox in me have a lot of things in my head, hence the evolution! I hope you’ll enjoy my posts.

Oh and WELCOME! ;)

(Do note that I have bloglog problem. Too many stories, too little time!)

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