Meet Cotton Ball

Ahhh. Found a name for this cutie! Cotton Ball! One more shall be Cotton Bud. They look the same but I could tell the difference. Cotton Bud doesn’t come hear me, it will run away after hissing! Sheesh. Calm down, crazy!

Mack Mack

Meet Mack Mack

I walked out of my relationship a few months ago, in May. It was hard to leave, especially when I have emotional attachment to the three kitties – Nikki, Tuffy and Snowy. I often go to my ex’s place to play with them and¬†at times, babysit those cuties. This might sound absurd but it was…

Name This One

Adopted stray. I see it almost every day. It’s been months but I still can’t think of a name. Suggestions are welcome! Here’s a video! View this post on Instagram Why so cute? #cat #catsofinstagram #stray #straycat A post shared by Lela Bonchjela (@bonchjela) on Dec 18, 2014 at 3:10am PST