Pretty rusty. I didn’t draw much this year. I tried… Every time I put my stuff on the table… I just can’t. I can’t even flip my sketchbook open. What a year. I need to get back on track.


I started this early this year (or possibly late last year) but couldn’t finish it as the marker dried up and I couldn’t find anything close to it. Oh well.┬áThis is messy.

Red Rose

Gave this book to my colleague’s daughter on her birthday. She loves reading and writing (I think) and cats! So I got her this book. Little did I know that like me, she loves drawing. A few weeks ago, she came over. My colleague told her to sit next to me. Colleague, “Look, Lela. The…

Pretty Rusty

For months, I couldn’t flip any of my sketchbooks open, let alone lift a pencil or sketchpen. I found out why, weeks ago. Yesterday, I did this unknowingly on someone else’s notepad. Pretty rusty.

Back from States

Hey there! I was away for close to a month (Jan 31st to Feb 26th). It was my first time to the continent, the country, the state, the city…well I’m pretty much a virgin in that part of the world. Where was I? California, baby! Except for three days in Vegas, Nevada. The trip was…

Spring Cleaning Surprises!

In light of the Lunar New Year, I took the opportunity to clean my office, though I’m not a Chinese and doesn’t celebrate it. Guess what I found on the corners of my notes!!!

Yeshua Pescador

Over the past few months, I’ve been checking out pictures of California, LA, Venice Beach, etc. I came across this account, and because he posts awesome pictures, I followed him. He did the same, and after a few months of liking each other’s pictures, one day, he said something about my illustrations being cool. So…

Drawing Published!

I’m chuffed to bits! My drawing is published in a colouring book, thank you Doodlers Anonymous! Two weeks in India means I don’t clear emails as often. Their email was buried among 900+ emails! This was sent in November 2013, then two more emails were sent, asking for some details (so sorry DA)! I only…