Smallest & Bollywood Caterpillar

Even after a long day at work or shopping, I will spend some time scrutinising Mom’s humble pot of lime tree before I step into the house. If I happen to spot any caterpillars, I will study them for a while. Tonight, I spotted the smallest caterpillar ever! Look at how small this one is!…

Curling Up!

23 spotted, the most number of caterpillars so far. And yes, my humble pot of lime tree is now leaves-less. I’m afraid the overcrowding population also means that some of the caterpillars who are in need of food will die of starvation. There are really no leaves left.

Caterpillar Sleeping

We believe Mom’s plant has been vandalised. Our caterpillars have been crushed and thrown on the floor. While throwing the rubbish, guess what I saw?! I stroke it gently and it didn’t move. So I figured this little one is sleeping ;) And I HOPE it is sleeping.