Red Rose

Gave this book to my colleague’s daughter on her birthday. She loves reading and writing (I think) and cats! So I got her this book. Little did I know that like me, she loves drawing. A few weeks ago, she came over. My colleague told her to sit next to me. Colleague, “Look, Lela. The…

Pretty Rusty

For months, I couldn’t flip any of my sketchbooks open, let alone lift a pencil or sketchpen. I found out why, weeks ago. Yesterday, I did this unknowingly on someone else’s notepad. Pretty rusty.

Fixing Myself

When one travels and works with visual things, one uses one’s eyes and draws,so as to fix deep down in one’s experience what is seen. – Le Corbusier

Yellow Fellow in a Flower

Despite taking the same route for four years, I have never noticed these flowers until now. I was drawn to them and I guess I’m not the only one. The scorching sun blinded me, I can’t see my iPhone’s screen. So after walking two or three metres away, I had to return to the tree after…

Garden by the fence

I realised a little garden blooming with flowers. I asked the school’s caretaker if he planted it. He said the neighbours around the area did. The flowers are pretty! Most are still young, except for this one. You can see them conquering the fence ;)

Sembawang Park

Spent the entire morning in Sembawang Park. That’s about 4 to 5 hours being surrounded by nature! It was my first time there and I must say, I’m impressed! Here’s a photowalk through Sembawang Park. These are huge! About 10cm in diameter. Fungi are common, especially in our climate. For more information, visit the official…