Everyday, I feel like I have an inner battle within myself. I have a wide range of diverse interests and I believe in living this lifeĀ fulfillingĀ each and every one of them. The battle always begins with “Which one shall I do today?” Though busy with a few personal projects, I’ve never taken time off doodling.…


It takes just 5 minutes to concretise your inner feelings. Especially in stressful times ;)

Green Hawk

What are some of the animals you can see here? Hawk? Dragon? Unicorn? Unintended, I didn’t have anything in mind. I just needed to relax and voila! A green zentangle was born!

Pinky and the Brain

I’ve been busy with a lot of things. Work (marking students’ artworks), school (studied for a mid-term test) and…my grandma was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago. She had two surgeries in four days. Because she’s the granny who took care of me when my parents had to work, the emotional attachment needs…

Art Therapy Reflection – Garden of Eden

In the pursuit of upgrading myself to be a better educator, practitioner, artist and a human being, I am undertaking an art therapy course. Though there are familiar concepts, theories and names such as Carl Jung and Howard Gardner, I didn’t know a whole lot more could be unearthed from just a few weeks of…