5 by 5 Done!

A month ago, I posted 5 by 5. The project is done! Well, almost. My colleagues were busy putting them up, and I can spot two of mine! My little guppies! And diagonally down on the left…those celery-tied-to-rubber-bands thingy is mine too! I can’t spot the rest though.

Fairy of Irresistible Glamour

While waiting for my partner to be examined by different doctors/nurses, I stood there doing this. Lucky for me (and him), there weren’t many people around. Surprising, usually there are millions! Him? Fractured his toe, during soccer. I don’t know if there are three hairline cracks, or his toe is in three pieces. He doesn’t…

Fixing Myself

When one travels and works with visual things, one uses one’s eyes and draws,so as to fix deep down in one’s experience what is seen. – Le Corbusier

5 by 5

At work, we’re embarking on a major project where every staff and student will draw on a 5 by 5 paper. These will form a HUGE artwork on a wall…which of course, my department will assemble. (GO ART DEPARTMENT!) Oh, and cutting A2 papers into 5 by 5 ones aren’t funny. Despite the cutter! Anyway,…

How I Keep Myself Awake

The only thing that would keep me awake is doodling. Oh wait, there’s social media too, but there are implications…one, I get agitated if the battery’s flat; two, it’s rude to meddle with your mobile phone during meetings. My attention span gets limited as I age and it can be quite a challenge, especially when…