Fairy Ring!

This is my first time seeing a fairy/elf/pixie ring or circle! The ring is not big, but it makes me happy! One of the reasons why I love rain – I can go mushroom hunting! I saw these too! Check out other fungi/mushroom posts: Colorful Fungi Mushroom By The Bin Virgin Fungi Huge Mushrooms Quadruplets Mushrooms Sprouting Magic Mushrooms!

Art Therapy Reflection – Garden of Eden

In the pursuit of upgrading myself to be a better educator, practitioner, artist and a human being, I am undertaking an art therapy course. Though there are familiar concepts, theories and names such as Carl Jung and Howard Gardner, I didn’t know a whole lot more could be unearthed from just a few weeks of…

Huge Mushrooms

These are so pretty! It’s really a rare sight. Spotted them before I left Singapore for Bintan, Indonesia. These mushrooms are quite huge, about 5 to 7cm in diameter. Related posts: Magic Mushrooms! Mushrooms Sprouting Quadruplets


Looking at Jeffrey Foltice’s post reminds me of these mushrooms. I can’t remember where this was taken, but I know it was years ago when I was using my first digicam – a 7.0 megapixel Olympus. Similar posts: Magic Mushrooms! Mushrooms Sprouting

Magic Mushrooms!

On my way home from work, I kept my eyes on the ground as the scorching sun pierce its way into my skin. Surprisingly, metres from my block is a patch of grass with a Frangipani tree. There were seeds lying around. They look like plum seeds. I thought that was odd. It’s not a…