Meet Cotton Ball

Ahhh. Found a name for this cutie! Cotton Ball! One more shall be Cotton Bud. They look the same but I could tell the difference. Cotton Bud doesn’t come hear me, it will run away after hissing! Sheesh. Calm down, crazy!

Mack Mack

Meet Mack Mack

I walked out of my relationship a few months ago, in May. It was hard to leave, especially when I have emotional attachment to the three kitties – Nikki, Tuffy and Snowy. I often go to my ex’s place to play with them and at times, babysit those cuties. This might sound absurd but it was…

Name This One

Adopted stray. I see it almost every day. It’s been months but I still can’t think of a name. Suggestions are welcome! Here’s a video! View this post on Instagram Why so cute? #cat #catsofinstagram #stray #straycat A post shared by Lela Bonchjela (@bonchjela) on Dec 18, 2014 at 3:10am PST

Tuffy turns 3!

It is Tuffy’s 3rd birthday. Among my three kitties, she is the smallest…this obviously has got to do with her eating habit. After she went missing for one night, she came back a different kitty. She is timid, often angry, and…a loner. A few weeks ago, my partner and I brought her to see the…

Snowy Turns Two!

Happy birthday to my one and only baby boy, Snowy! Here’s a pictorial summary of his life! I reminisced his first birthday here.