Hungry Eyes

Are those your hungry eyes, Tuffy? Is that a yes? Oh… I guess she’s just sleepy. And yes, she is tech-savvy. If you find Tuffy cute, here are other related posts. Check out my other kitties too!

Sleepy Snowy

One of the things I enjoy doing is to watch my kitties when they’re asleep. Such a peaceful and serene scene. Here’s a compilation of my baby boy, Snowy. Check these out: Posts of Snowy | Posts of my kitties

Snowy’s Shocked Expression

I might be biased. Might. Well, you know what they say about Mummy’s boy or Daddy’s girl! Snowy is definitely a Mummy’s boy. I love him to bits! Is it just me or are his shocked expressions are funny?! Oh… And have a closer look at the green ring in his eyes! And those lovely…

Hard to please

Tuffy is hard to please. She was a really lovely cat until she went missing for a night. Now, Tuffy can be very hostile and rough. I guess this is how she survived. At times, depending on the situation and the people around us, we have to build a wall. We have to know our cards…

Lollipop Kitties

I like how animals reflect our human behaviour. At times, we bicker, argue, “chase” after another, but we eventually get along with neighbours, friends, colleagues, etc. We love, care and enjoy each other’s company. Of course this isn’t the case for EVERY person, but that’s just the ups and downs of life. One of the…