Cool & Calm

We have different ways of dealing or coping with stress. Some people take long baths, sleep, watch TV, paint, etc. While I do all that to shift my focus or keep myself busy with something, sometimes it’s as simple as just looking at my pets. Studying and scrutinising them, thinking of what’s going on in their minds,…

Little Monkey Resting

Snowy is the most active kitty. The youngest and the naughtiest. Of course, he looks like an angel here but….. Click for more posts about Snowy or my other kitties!


Trust me, I didn’t know I owned one. One of my favourite cats in the world, Bowie has similar pose. Click for more posts about Snowy or my other kitties!


You don’t wanna mess with Tuffy. She has mood swings, sometimes black, sometimes white, just like her fur. Click for more posts about  my kitties!

Fierce Teeth

Tuffy is the fiercest of them all. She hisses, she bites, she scratches. She’s a tigress, I swear! Now let’s take a look at her “weapon”. If you’ve fallen in love with her pink nose, here are other pictures of Tuffy. Here are my pets.