mid-autumn festival, Singapore, lanterns

6 hours in Singapore

In light of gearing up for our next trip (YAY!), my best friend and I decided to live the life of a backpacker. In our own country. Well, island actually, since we’re so tiny (can’t help but chuckle every time I refer to her as a country). Anyway, six hours in Singapore is feasible, considering…

Pretty Shophouse

My previous post Lego, Only Better sees restored shophouses in Little India. Here is another, along Niven Road. I love the colours and of course, the eye-catching polka dots! If you like this post, you might wanna check out these: Architecture, Photography, Singapore Psst! Let me know if you’re coming, we can hang out ;)

Lego, Only Better

Amidst the busy streets of Little India, hidden treasures are waiting to shine. I love Little India, so much so that despite telling myself to explore more shops, food, streets, etc., I ended up hanging out at the same places. Today, on the way to a Couchsurfing gathering, I managed to take a picture of…