Beautiful Bright Moon

The moon is like a diamond in the sky. I wish I took a picture earlier in the evening when the moon was orange and the sky was royal blue. You might want to look at other pictures of the moon here. If you love this, you’ll love my other pictures of the sky.

Town Sky

After a conference, I was on my way home when I saw the beautiful sky. The weather in Singapore right now is horrible – scorching hot and humid. Nonetheless, the sky’s always beautiful, whatever the weather is. If you love this, you’ll love these.

Obama VS Romney

On another note, congratulations Obama! 4 more years to prove to the world why you’re worth the title. President of the US, president of the world! Love from Singapore.

Singapore Moon

What was I thinking, the moon looks the same from wherever you are. Well, this is how the moon looks like from Singapore. Full moon party. Mooncake party. Sailormoon. All the moons in the world can’t be compared to this!

Californication of Singapore

Dad’s younger brother invited us for dinner. On the way to his place, we had to go through an expressway (highway). There was really nothing but roads and vehicles. Lots of vehicles. (Singapore is one of the highly-condensed city, so…yeah) It was pretty boring until our eyes fall on a picturesque view of the sunset…