Snowy Turns Two!

Happy birthday to my one and only baby boy, Snowy! Here’s a pictorial summary of his life! I reminisced his first birthday here.

Bundle of Joy

Here’s our bundle of joy – Snowy and Nikki. usual…camera shy. These were taken last year but because Procrastinator is my middle name, I only uploaded them today.

Snowy Hilton

You know that over the shoulder pose Paris Hilton loves to do? Ahh here’s Snowy, doing just that. Okay, no shoulders but he definitely tried his best!

Mr. Magician

Snowy looks like he’s up to something. This reminds me of the trick where the magician split his assistant into two with a gigantic saw. For more posts about Snowy, click here.

Sleepy Snowy

One of the things I enjoy doing is to watch my kitties when they’re asleep. Such a peaceful and serene scene. Here’s a compilation of my baby boy, Snowy. Check these out: Posts of Snowy | Posts of my kitties

Snowy’s Shocked Expression

I might be biased. Might. Well, you know what they say about Mummy’s boy or Daddy’s girl! Snowy is definitely a Mummy’s boy. I love him to bits! Is it just me or are his shocked expressions are funny?! Oh… And have a closer look at the green ring in his eyes! And those lovely…