Hard to please

Tuffy is hard to please. She was a really lovely cat until she went missing for a night. Now, Tuffy can be very hostile and rough. I guess this is how she survived. At times, depending on the situation and the people around us, we have to build a wall. We have to know our cards…


You don’t wanna mess with Tuffy. She has mood swings, sometimes black, sometimes white, just like her fur. Click for more posts about  my kitties!

Fierce Teeth

Tuffy is the fiercest of them all. She hisses, she bites, she scratches. She’s a tigress, I swear! Now let’s take a look at her “weapon”. If you’ve fallen in love with her pink nose, here are other pictures of Tuffy. Here are my pets.

Baby Tuffy

My partner sent these pictures of Tuffy, which made my Friday morning even better! Don’t you think she looks like a human baby, sucking her thumb and all that?!

Art Therapy Reflection – Garden of Eden

In the pursuit of upgrading myself to be a better educator, practitioner, artist and a human being, I am undertaking an art therapy course. Though there are familiar concepts, theories and names such as Carl Jung and Howard Gardner, I didn’t know a whole lot more could be unearthed from just a few weeks of…